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Welcome to the User Group Portal

Uppsala Monitoring Centre welcomes you to the User Group Portal.
It is created for you as a user to the WHO Drug Dictionaries where you have access to the User Guide, Best Practices, Minutes and materials from the User Group Meetings and the latest updates in the WHO Drug Dictionaries.

We are proud to introduce the User Guide that will assist you through the aspects of the WHO Drug Dictionaries that will be helpful to you and your organization.

Click on the links below to read the User Guide , recieve the latest minutes and materials from the User Group Meetings and register to the Webinars.

User Guide

Read the User Guide today and learn more about the aspects of the WHO Drug Dictionaries.
View the new addition to the User Guide.  

User Guide


A series of monthly webinars are hosted for you as users; to discuss about our products and services. 

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WHO User Group Meetings

User Group Meetings - where current users share ideas, Best Practises and discuss solutions.

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Best Practices

To describe possible solutions to potential difficulties when coding using the WHO Drug Dictionaries.

Best Practices


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